10 Most Popular Stories of 2020

by | Jan 5, 2021 | Culture, Environment, Health

We look back at our most-read stories of 2020. From COVID-19 to prominent alumni profiles and campus news, the year provided many noteworthy topics and subjects.


10. “How Can Agriculture Be a Part of the Climate Solution?”

Carbon farming proved a popular topic as readers explored a potential solution to climate change that could produce useable products that benefit the economy, community, ecosystem and people.


9. “Pandemic Portraits”

UC Davis principal photographer Karin Higgins took a closer look at pandemic life through her camera lens. She visited members of the campus community at home as they shared the silver linings of sheltering in place.


8. “Starting College in a Pandemic”

Three incoming freshmen shared their stories as they embarked on their first year at UC Davis. Each made different decisions about what the experience would look like, but all were dedicated to getting the college experience.


7. “Picnic Day Through the Years”

With the annual event going virtual in 2020 due to the pandemic, UC Davis Magazine looked back on Picnic Days of the past — from the parade to popular attractions like livestock exhibits and the Doxie Derby.


6. “All Access”

UC Davis Magazine previewed a new program that promised to transform the traditional textbook model. Students at UC Davis could pay a quarterly flat fee for digital course materials, in an effort to address inequity from variable textbook costs.


5. “Critical Care”

Upon the release of a new biography, UC Davis Magazine interviewed its author and subject. The book highlights the life and career of Antonio Velasco, M.D. ’79, a Mexican immigrant who worked in crop fields as a child and crusaded for farmworker health as a doctor.


4. “Runs in the Family”

Two child prodigies from the same family attend UC Davis. This brother and sister duo have been taking college courses since they were 7. But the newest UC Davis student in this family of scientists has her focus set on a music career.


3. “Painted from Memory”

UC Davis Magazine profiled American artist and professor emeritus Wayne Thiebaud as he turned 100. A low-key figure on campus, he continues to make waves in the art world, with his 10th cover for the New Yorker and new records at auction last summer.


2. “5 Alumni Launch Online Series”

During shelter-in-place, some alumni elected to offer some virtual information and entertainment. Though the series haven’t continued, they offered a fun distraction at the time.


1. “How Can I Minimize My Coronavirus Risk at the Grocery Store?”

Can I touch the tomatoes? Do I need to sanitize my food? The questions of the moment for everyone were related to the pandemic and safety. A UC Davis food safety expert offered some answers about shopping for food during this unprecedented time.