Meo Cantiller spins a football on his finger

Student Beats World Record on Campus

by | Jul 14, 2021 | Culture, Student Stories

In the first week of quarantine, some turned to baking bread, some tried to learn a new language, and sophomore Meo Cantiller set out to beat a world record.

Two months after submitting his application to Guinness World Records, the civil engineering major accomplished his goal in front of his freshman residence hall, Kearney Hall, as his friends filmed and cheered him on. He spun an American football for 14.12 seconds on his finger, beating the previous record by 2 seconds.

“To beat a world record, it feels as if it isn’t real because I used to only read and be a fan of the Guinness World Records book when I was young. When my friends or other people congratulate me, I feel so proud of what I have done,” said Cantiller.

For his accomplishment, he received a plaque from Guinness, recognition on the Guinness website and was featured on the Guinness YouTube channel.

The inspiration and dedication behind Cantiller’s achievement goes back almost a decade.

Around the age of 10, Cantiller said he knew he wanted to break a Guinness World Record title. When he moved to the United States at 14, he saw a stranger casually spinning a basketball on his finger. A basketball player himself, Cantiller began spinning other types of balls for fun, including American footballs. After several years of casually practicing, he decided to apply to beat the world record — and succeeded. 

Recently, he said he set a new personal record of a 40-second American football spin and feels driven to achieve more personal and academic goals. “I feel inspired and motivated that I was able to achieve my childhood dream,” said Cantiller. “The award, recognition, accomplishment changes the way I look at what I thought was impossible.”