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Please see below for more information about the new subscription service for UC Davis Magazine, your No. 1 source for alumni and campus news. For additional help, call 530-752-9607 or email magazine@ucdavis.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the print editions arrive?



UC Davis Magazine has just changed its schedule to come out in March and September. The magazine is still printed twice per year, and the next one is due in September 2020.

How do I change my delivery address?

Please email magazine@ucdavis.edu with your previous address and your new address.

Do you have automatic subscription renewal?

We do not have that at this time. When your subscription is up for renewal, you will receive email reminders to buy a new subscription.

Can I send a subscription as a gift?

Yes. You can do this through the purchase process online at UC Davis Stores.

When does my subscription expire?

A one-year subscription entitles you to two issues, and a two-year subscription entitles you to four issues. After you have received those, you will be notified that your subscription is up for renewal.

If I have been receiving UC Davis Magazine, do I now need a subscription?

Yes. If you have previously received UC Davis Magazine by mail, you will receive the fall/winter 2019-20 issue in December 2019. After that, in order to continue to receive the print edition, you will need to subscribe.


How do I remove the shipping fee in my checkout?

When purchasing your subscription online, please select ground shipping. Then, in the “Payment Options” section of checkout, type “magazine” in the “Apply Promo Code” box to remove the shipping charge.


Can I pay by check?

Yes, please print and fill out this form. Mail it with your check to the address listed. Checks must be payable to UC Regents.