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3 Ways to Be More Sustainable

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Aggie Life, Environment, Fall/Winter 2019-20

We can all incorporate environmental sustainability into our daily lives. Sometimes it’s just about building awareness. “I had this perception of the world that you simply use things, throw them away and the waste has disappeared,” said Annie Wang, fourth-year material sciences and engineering major and assistant director of the Aggie Reuse Store. “Realizing that this waste does go somewhere and is often hurting those who are already more disadvantaged made me rethink that mindset. Everything goes somewhere.”

  1. Shop sustainably. For a more economical route, thrifting is a great alternative to mass-produced fashion. “You’re not adding to the demand for cheaply produced products and you’re getting something new!” said Wang.
  2. Put a case on it. A huge part of living sustainably is avoiding the fast-paced replacement of products. Rare earth metals, commonly found in smartphones and other electronic devices, are damaging to the planet and difficult to recycle. A case can protect an electronic device, avoiding replacement.
  3. Repurpose household items. Wang explained that everyday items can be upcycled and used for new purposes. A box could be an organizer; and mason jars could be soap dispensers, salt and pepper shakers and other things. By doing so, you’ll give new life to an old item, and no waste will be produced. “There are only a finite amount of resources in the world,” she said.