Communal Living

Jan 15, 2020 | Fall/Winter 2019-20, Out and About

Nearly 400 of UC Davis’ newest students moved in to the campus’s newest residence hall this fall. Yosemite Hall, a four-story, 390-bed hall in the Cuarto area, replaced Webster Hall, which opened in 1967 and had 266 beds. Yosemite Hall is also home to one of UC Davis’ 17 Living-Learning Communities, which bring together students with similar interests for educational and social activities.




All of Yosemite Hall’s rooms are suites, which has proven popular among residents. “I really like the suite idea because I’m really close with my suitemates,” said Josh Lopez, a biomedical engineering major who lives with seven others in a set of three triple-occupancy rooms. “It’s nice being in a suite because it’s a little quieter,” said mathematical analytics and operations research major Libby Hopkins. “The rooms are a good size.”



Each floor has at least two lounges, each featuring floor-to-ceiling windows. “The lounges are nice — you can do homework in them,” psychology major Catherine Cheng said. Johanna Leon, an animal science major, said she enjoys attending events held in the common area, like a recent painting activity.



The building also features a spacious communal kitchen on the ground floor. “The kitchen here
is so much nicer than the others,” said Hopkins, who had already used it to bake cookies within
a few weeks of moving in.



Bike Parking

Yosemite Hall also boasts covered, double-decker bicycle racks with a hinged upper rack to make loading a bike easier, as well as laundry, mail and computer rooms, and some gender-neutral restrooms.