Veterinary innovation starts here.

Two adult female bears and a 5-month-old mountain lion (pictured) that were burned during the Thomas Fire in Southern California recuperated this winter thanks to help from UC Davis veterinarians and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Jamie Peyton, chief of integrated medicine at the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, was brought in to help with pain management. She came up with an innovative solution to what could have been a long convalescence: sterilized tilapia skins that aid in healing and act as protection. The animals also were treated with burn salve Peyton makes from honey, olive oil, coconut oil and beeswax. Peyton said she sees potential in using the fish skin treatment in the future for domestic animals and humans.

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Jamie Peyton, of the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, far right, with vet student Madelyn Arbios