Fall/Winter 2021-22

State Affair

Alex Lee ’17 is the youngest member of California’s legislature.

Leading the Lab

Kim Budil, Ph.D. ’94, directs the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Droughts, Explained

UC Davis Associate Professor Samuel Sandoval Solis busts four myths about drought.

Making a Global Impact

David Boucher ’00, Ph.D. ’08, helped halt the spread of Ebola, success that became the basis for work in COVID-19.

A Leader in Ag

Humberto Izquierdo ’93 oversees agriculture in Yolo County.

Costume Quest

Design lecturer Christine Knobel ’16, M.F.A. ’18, attends comic book conventions — in character.

Immersed in Education

Quarter at Aggie Square offers students an educational experience focused on a societal issue.

Smarty Plants

A new book by plant biologist Beronda Montgomery, Ph.D. ’01, explains what humans can learn from plant behavior.

A Watchful Eye

Researchers adapt testing technology to look for surges in COVID-19 cases.

Reimagining Campus Safety

A task force issued its report this summer with recommendations for the future of campus safety.

Giving Shelter

Three students help start Aggie House, serving as new transitional student housing.


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