Fall/Winter 2023-24


Fall/Winter 2023-24


Modern Policing

UC Davis Police Chief Joe Farrow talks about the evolution of the campus force.

Fall/Winter 2023-24


A Supreme Success

Associate Justice Kelli Evans, J.D. ’94, joined the highest court in California this year.

Fall/Winter 2023-24


Citizen Science

Scientific research can feel impenetrable and exclusive to many people. These six community science projects at UC Davis are changing that.


Big Fish

Zeb Hogan, Ph.D. ’04, examines some of the oldest — and largest — freshwater fish on the planet.

How to Build a Bee House

Bee houses for those that do not produce honey can be made of wood blocks or cardboard tubes.

What Does a Conductor Do?

UC Davis Concert Band Director Pete Nowlen outlines a conductor’s three main responsibilities.

Good Spirits

The business at J.J. Pfister Distilling is an Aggie affair.

The Bird Photographer

Professor Jonathan Eisen found a new passion for taking pictures of birds during the pandemic.

AI in the Classroom

A UC Davis student examines uses for AI in the college environment.


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