Safety First

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Aggie Life, Fall/Winter 2018-19

During the holiday season, prioritize safety. Most burglaries happen when people aren’t at home, like during winter vacation, cautioned Mikio McCulloch, an officer with the UC Davis Police Department’s Outreach Unit. He offered tips for home security.

  1. Don’t leave valuables out in the open. Close blinds to prevent people from looking into the house. Keep valuables hidden. McCulloch suggested covering laptops, for instance, with blankets. “If people don’t see something, they won’t try to take it,” he said.

  2. Lock doors and windows. While it may seem obvious, locking any points of entry strengthens protection against potential burglars regardless of how safe your surroundings appear.

  3. Be extra vigilant in highly populated areas. “Areas where people congregate have the most potential as targets and are most at risk for home burglaries,” McCulloch said. Take extra steps — like installing home cameras — to ensure safety.

  4. Don’t be complacent. McCulloch stressed the police department’s effort to keep the city and campus safe, mentioning the Safe Ride service providing transportation for students on campus and in town, but added that safety includes awareness of existing risks.