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Tower Trivia

by | Apr 3, 2023 | Visualize This

Serving as a campus beacon for more than a century, the water tower is considered one of the most iconic symbols of UC Davis. 

The UC Davis Library exhibit, “Water Tower: The History of a Campus Icon,” explores the history, purpose and significance of today’s water towers (yes, there are two!) and their predecessors. Drawing from historical photographs and rare items in the UC Davis Library Archives and Special Collections, the exhibit is located in the Shields Library lobby, and runs through Picnic Day.

Find out how well you know your UC Davis tower trivia with these 11 questions.

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When was the first water tower built on the UC Davis campus?

Old water tower

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What are the names of the current water towers?

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How tall are the letters “UC Davis” that are painted on the water towers?

Water tower

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How many water towers have served the UC Davis campus?

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How many gallons of water does Arboretum tower, the larger of our current water towers, hold?

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The towers have been constructed using all of the following materials except:

1925 yearbook shot

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The mid-century tower would be illuminated at night as a signal that Aggies had:

Tower near Quad

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When the Sheep Barn water tower was dismantled in 2002, what was found at the top of the tower?

Sheep Barn tower is dismantled

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What was the name of the 2004 student film that imagined the UC Davis water tower coming to life and running amok on campus when threatened with demolition?

Student film screen shot

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Which comet “passed by” Touchdown Tower in 2020?

Comet passes by UC Davis water tower

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How many “legs” does our Arboretum tower have?

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