Amy Quinton and Marianne Russ Sharp are the hosts of season 4 of Unfold

Amy Quinton, left, and Marianne Russ Sharp are the hosts of the fourth season of the Unfold podcast.

UC Davis Launches Season 4 of Unfold Podcast

by | Sep 30, 2022 | Health, On Campus

UC Davis will launch a new season of Unfold podcast episodes on Oct. 4. Listeners will hear about the most cutting-edge technologies and treatments that help advance the health of both people and animals. In Season 4, host Amy Quinton with UC Davis News and Media Relations will be joined by a new co-host, Marianne Russ Sharp, a public information officer with UC Davis Health. 

They’ll tell the story of a courageous couple going through the world’s first human clinical trial to treat their developing baby’s spina bifida through a combination of prenatal surgery and stem cells. Bulldogs with spina bifida helped pave the way for the treatment, and listeners will learn how it could now help them too.

“Most of this season’s episodes are about cross campus collaborations and interdisciplinary teams working together to solve pressing health issues,” said Quinton. “For example, in one episode you’ll hear about how surgeons at UC Davis Health and engineers at UC Davis are working together to help amputees, who often abandon their high-tech prosthetic devices because they are too difficult to use.”

Unfold Season 4 album cover is a stethoscope with ear buds

Listeners will hear how veterinarians and physicians are collaborating to fight cancer. The hosts will also tell you about veterinarians and nurses teaming up to provide a One Health approach to health care to help a small, underserved community in Yolo County.

Quinton and Russ Sharp are former public radio colleagues who both appreciate the art of telling stories for the ear.

“As a long-time public radio journalist, I found great joy in working with my former Capital Public Radio colleague on this season. Honestly, as we worked on these episodes about groundbreaking innovations in health care, it often felt like we were right back in the newsroom together,” said Russ Sharp. 

Each season, the podcast takes a deep dive into a different complicated topic, including food, climate change and curiosity-driven research at UC Davis. Season 4 episodes on health can be found on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio and even your smart speakers. More information is available at the Unfold website.