The Bookhead Egghead sculpture with the library plaza in the background on a sunny day.

A Dozen Eggheads Questions

by | May 21, 2024 | Culture, Summer 2024, Visualize This

Robert Arneson’s Eggheads have become some of the most recognizable landmarks on campus. And now — 30 years after the artist and professor’s final Eggheads were installed — UC Davis commemorates this art heritage through a series of events, a new microsite and a new line of Egghead-themed products.

“We are excited to celebrate the artistic legacy and impact of the Eggheads,” said UC Davis Chancellor Gary S. May. “Professor Arneson’s sculptures are an indelible part of campus life and a reminder of the power of public art to build community.”

The Manetti Shrem Museum is showcasing Arneson’s early models of the Eggheads in its lobby. Most of these models, known as maquettes, have never been shown before. Mounted near the large front windows, the display is visible even when the museum is closed. Photos and stories submitted by Aggies about their memories and moments with the sculptures accompany the Egghead models.

“Hatched: The Making of Robert Arneson’s Eggheads” is on view until June 16.

For more Egghead history, Shields Library has two “egg-xhibits” in the lobby: “Building Bookhead,” featuring historical photographs of the installation and dedication of Bookhead in 1991, and “Egg-xtra, Egg-xtra, Read All About It” — a dozen stories from The California Aggie highlighting news and student views about the Eggheads over the years.

Test your knowledge of the iconic sculpture series with this quiz. Many of the questions are inspired by reporting in The Aggie over the years. You can find more UC Davis history in the library’s online digital archive of The Aggie at