Preliminary design comprises components depicted by color: Red for lifelong learning; green for housing and market plaza; blue for life sciences; purple for mobility hub for electric buses, bike- and car-sharing, shuttles and more; and yellow for Aggie Square.

Aggie Square Preliminary Designs Unveiled

by | Jul 1, 2019 | On Campus, Spring/Summer 2019, Technology

A design plan unveiled in April covers the first phase of Aggie Square’s development, encompassing approximately 8 acres of the project’s 25-acre footprint in Sacramento. Each element of the preliminary design ties directly to a theme that reflects both a community priority and a university strength. Those elements include:

• An office/classroom building dedicated to “lifelong learning” — workforce and skills training for competitive, in-demand jobs

• Two research buildings that will offer state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for life sciences, technology and engineering

• A mixed-use building that will include “storefront” space for community groups and university projects, student and affiliate housing, and retail — connected to an outdoor market plaza that focuses on food and health

• A mobility hub that will feature new electric bus service connecting both UC Davis campuses with downtown Sacramento, as well as new shuttle, bikeshare and rideshare options

• A public square that connects all the buildings and provides open, accessible space for community gatherings

The preliminary design is a necessary part of Aggie Square’s next step — issuing a request for qualifications to developers sometime in June. A request for proposals is slated for later in the summer, with the goal of selecting a developer in the fall.