Fitness and family have always been central to Maria Kang’s way of life. In fact, Kang ’03, an Elk Grove native, picked UC Davis for its proximity to her family. And she worked as a personal trainer as a student. In 2007, Kang ventured into the nonprofit sector, when she started Fitness Without Borders, which advocates health and wellness for disadvantaged communities. She also works full time in the family business: managing elder care facilities. “We’re opening up our fourth right now. That’s my bread and butter.” The free fitness group she started for moms remains her secret to physical health. “I strongly believe in community,” she said. “I put up flyers in the park, and moms started showing up!” It has since expanded into an international nonprofit, called No Excuse Moms, located in 30 countries. Kang’s viral “What’s Your Excuse?” photo sparked some controversy and accusations of mom-shaming in 2013, when she showed off her toned physique next to her three small kids. It also led to the publication of her first book, The No More Excuses Diet (Harmony, 2015), and a major social media following. Now, Kang is adjusting to working from home. “Until quarantine, I traveled up to three times a month,” she said. “Now I wake up, work out and meditate.”