Impactful energy savings start here.

The University of California is on a mission to replace 1 million incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs with high-quality, energy-efficient LED options. Such light sources help save money and reduce energy use and carbon footprint. In fact, taking away that many 60-watt incandescent light bulbs for about three hours a day is like removing 8,900 passenger vehicles from the road each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s greenhouse gas equivalency calculator. Inspired by research conducted by the California Lighting Technology Center at UC Davis, the UC Office of the President spearheaded the Million LED Challenge to procure high-quality, energy-efficient light sources. “Our goal was to take the guesswork and confusion out of the process and ensure that everyone gets a great light at a great price,” said Michael Siminovitch, director of the California Lighting Technology Center.

UC students, staff, faculty, retirees and alumni can purchase light bulbs online at

UC Davis design major Jessie Garbutt installs LED lights for testing at the California Lighting Technology Center.