What Are Students Looking Forward to This Year?

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Student Stories

Halfway through fall quarter, students are solidifying their plans for the 2023-24 school year. Here’s what nine UC Davis students, all from different years and areas of study, have to say about their hopes and goals for this academic year.

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Krisha Bhat, first-year managerial economics major

I think I’m mostly looking forward to joining a lot of new groups and making friends. I’d like to join Davis Women in Business. I think that it would be super interesting, and the people there are really nice.

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Bayleigh Baldwin, third-year history and Spanish double major

This year I’ve made it a goal to do some career exploration now that I’m going into my third year. I’m trying to see what I want to do after graduation, but I also just want to have fun and make new friends in my classes. Hopefully get out a little more, do a little less studying, and go out a little bit on the weekends.”

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Alondra Pimentel, second-year human development major

I commute from Woodland, so I live 15 minutes out. That’s why making connections here was kind of difficult, but hopefully this year changes because I want to put in more initiative and effort into applying for clinics and jobs on campus.”

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Tyler C., first-year graduate student, computer science

What I’m looking forward to the most is being a TA for classes. It was always nice to have a good TA in undergrad, and I’d like to be that for new incoming students or people taking undergraduate classes now.”

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Sundae Thompson, third-year sociology and African American studies double major

I’m looking forward to growth, and I also started a new club called the African Diaspora of Mental Health, so I’m happy to see where that goes. I’m excited to just build more community with the African diaspora community specifically.”

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Satvik Arani, second-year neurobiology, physiology and behavior major

I’m looking forward to getting more in depth in my classes, learning more about specifically rigorous biochemistry and physics and biology. I’m starting a lot of my upper-divs right now, so it’s just going to be a lot more in-depth research.”

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Zelewit Molla, third-year psychology and African American studies double major

I feel like I’m more involved in stuff this year. I’m a part of the African Diaspora of Mental Health, so I’d like to get more experience in mental health and meet new people.”

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Layla Corona, second-year neurobiology, physiology and behavior major

Honestly, I hope to pass all my classes, to get along with my TAs and get the most help that I can. I want to meet new people, build more connections and hopefully get involved in more clubs. I’m a part of the pre-physicians assistant club here, since I plan to go to PA school after college. I meet people who are interested in PA like me so it’s helpful knowing what I have to do, knowing the requirements, what I can get involved in. It just allows me to find a lot of opportunities.”

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Andrew Cao, fourth-year applied math major

This year, I’m going to apply for grad school. I could either apply for a Ph.D. and go for more research, or I could look more into the industry field. I think it could be fun to teach students after learning for the majority of my life. Overall, I want to stay healthy and hopefully get into grad school.”