Digitize The Aggie Archives

Dec 1, 2017 | Fall/Winter 2017-18, On Campus

Picnic Day goes on despite World War I. The campus becomes an army training facility during World War II. The Memorial Union opens in 1955. Students protest apartheid and fight for animal rights in the 1980s.

The California Aggie, founded as The Weekly Agricola in 1915 when UC Davis was still the University Farm, has captured each chapter in the university’s history through the eyes of student reporters.

This fall, the UC Davis Library, home of the University Archives, launched an effort to digitize the complete archive of The Aggie from its first issue through today and make it searchable online. The web interface will allow readers to flip through issues online or search the full text by keyword. Users will also be able to print and download individual articles or entire issues.

If you’re on campus, stop by Shields Library and check out the exhibit in the lobby, The California Aggie: A Century of Headlines.