Spring 2016

Revitalizing K Street

As a water treatment engineer, Robert Emerick ’92, M.S. ’93, Ph.D ’99, may seem like an unlikely owner of two chic restaurants and the vintage Crest Theatre on K Street in Sacramento.

A Supreme Surprise

Craig Stowers, J.D. ’85, began his three-year term as chief justice of the Alaska Supreme Court—an achievement he said would have shocked his younger self—last summer.

A First-of-its-Kind Idea

Sara Margulis ’97 reached a major milestone with her business, Honeyfund, this year: its 10th anniversary.

The Wheel Deal

Bicycling is still the main mode of transportation at UC Davis, with 46 percent of students and employees riding to campus each day.

Restrooms For Everyone

Signs of beskirted and trousered figures were removed from 133 restroom doors across the Davis campus earlier this year to convert gendered or unisex restrooms to gender-inclusive restrooms.

A Fresh Look at Policing

When police are called to a loud argument on campus, sometimes their mere presence raises ire. Having an officer who remembers the stresses of being a student can help.

Here: School Spirit

More than 70 participating groups paraded through the UC Davis campus and downtown to mark 102 years of tradition at Picnic Day in April.

Professor on Point

Though a performance career was not to be, ballet helped solidify Beverly Bossler’s focus and drive in her work as a Chinese history scholar.

Beyond Barriers

Hannah Chadwick gets around campus with the help of her seeing-eye dog, Spritz, but last summer she studied in China independently.

The Dream Team

An all-female medical staff keeps the UC Davis football team field-ready.

Creation Generation

Entrepreneurial UC Davis alumni are helming mobile apps to bring their ideas straight to the consumer.

Growing Pains

As the student population rises, the city and campus address housing needs.


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