Fall/Winter 2016-17

Market Value

The Davis Farmers Market celebrates 40 years since its founding by UC Davis students and alumni.

UC Davis To Launch Center for Gun Violence Research

Though no end is in sight for the two-decade-long dearth of federal funding for firearm violence research, the country’s first state-funded center is coming to UC Davis’ Sacramento campus.

Portrait of an Artist

Emilio Soltero, Ph.D. ’04, teaches art to community college students in the Central Valley, underprivileged youth in the Sacramento area, and kids and adults at the Crocker Art Museum.

Promoting Progress Abroad

As the new U.S. ambassador to the former military dictatorship Myanmar, Scot Marciel ’81 has been tasked with rebuilding a long and unsteady relationship between the two countries.

Dome Sweet Dome

Opened in 1972 the Domes continue to operate as an example of a modern democratic, sustainable community.

Sibling Bonds

Brother and sister Juan and Stephanie Quero attend UC Davis together.

A Leader Among Women in Tech

Adriana Gascoigne ’00 started Girls in Tech to accelerate the number of women entering the tech industry around the world.

Beverage Service

For more than a century, UC Davis has been studying beverages — from milk to wine and beer, and most recently tea and coffee.

Speed Racing Biologist

A professor of molecular and cellular biology is also an amateur race car driver.

Roadkill Warriors

The combination of vehicles and wildlife on California highways is all too often a costly recipe for disaster.


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