Top Stories of 2022

by | Dec 1, 2022 | Culture, Environment, Food, Health, Technology

As the end of 2022 nears, we look back on some of our most popular stories of the year, as ranked by how many readers viewed them. UC Davis research and expertise takes center stage for many, with topics including coffee, earthquakes and the economy. Student stories also ranked high. Check out the list:

Sign shows very high gas prices

10. “Why Are Gas Prices So High?”

A UC Davis economist weighs in on the summer surge at the pump. Multiple factors contributed to the record prices seen at gas stations earlier this year.


Prem Jain

9. “Onward and Upward”

Four graduates of the class of 2022 reflected on the end of college and moving on to new adventures. For all four, this time in their lives was exciting and uncertain.


Fatima Hussain rings the Graduate Studies bell

8. “Ring That Bell”

We took an inside look at a graduate student tradition that returned to the Graduate Center at Walker Hall after a pandemic-induced hiatus.


Crack in road

7. “Are We Prepared for the Big One?”

Despite improved building standards, preparedness depends on efforts, responses and recovery on a community-wide scale. Researchers at UC Davis study the subject for many angles, including how our infrastructure responds to an earthquake’s impact.


Cultivated bacon

6. “Is Cultivated Meat a Viable Prospect to Feed the World?”

A team at UC Davis was awarded a grant to study cultivated meat. Could the technology help ease animal agriculture needs and lower environmental impacts?


Picnic Day 2022 board of directors

5. “The Students Behind Picnic Day”

As the time-honored UC Davis event returned to campus this year, we met with the students who plan it. The student board of directors worked to bring back as many Picnic Day favorites as they could.


Students stroll through Tercero

4. “Tercero: Then and Now”

One of the first occupants of the Tercero residence halls spoke with one of its most recent. They found that dorm living hasn’t changed too much over the years.


Isabel Jones

3. “Alumna Competes for Chance to Dance with Lizzo”

Isabel Jones ’17 showed off her talents on Amazon’s new reality show “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls.” The dancer joined nine others to live together, attend rehearsals and talk about their lives — for a chance to dance in the superstars world tour.


Sara Langberg with the rover helicopter

2. “Beyond the Bean”

Our cover story for fall/winter 2022-23 highlighted UC Davis’ foray into coffee research and education. A new center is in the works to bring classrooms, labs and a roastery to campus.


1. “Changing Minds”

From the cover of the spring/summer 2022 issue, this story highlights UC Davis research into drugs like LSD and cannabis — and their potential for treating problems like depression and anxiety.